Youth Education

Youth education is an important part of our job. Not only is it fun for both the district and the kids, but we also get to reach out and involve the community in the work that we do. Each year we hold classroom presentations on the importance of trees and water conservation in the classrooms of 2nd and 5th grade students, then follow that with a field trip filled with hands-on experience planting trees on property volunteered by local landowners.


DCP_2017We also sponsor events like Water Jam and Water on Wheels which bring in additional learning resources to the school district.

Water Jam focuses on the importance of watersheds, conservation, and salmon recovery topics. Students get outside to learn about the environment surrounding them.

Water on Wheels is a great program put on by the Franklin Conservation District that teaches students through hands-on demonstrations, educational games, and materials so students can gain a better understanding of what water and soil conservation is.