Cost Share Assistance

At the district, we offer cost share assistance programs, as funding allows, to those wanting to improve water quality on their property through the implementation of conservation practices and Best Management Practices (BMPs). This program is funded 100 percent through grants from the Department of Ecology, WA Conservation Commission, Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) and others.

These practices and BMPs include:

  • Waste Storage Facility – we have cost shared on the landowner’s share of EQIP
  • Channel Bank Vegetation – Riparian plantings with weed mats and browse tubes
  • Conservation Cover – Native grass planting – both riparian and cost share for permanent cover
  • Direct Seed – Cost share on direct seeding
  • Critical Area Planting
  • Sediment Basin – livestock facilities
  • Pond – we have done cost share on pond cleaning
  • Fence – Exclusion fencing along streams or away from springs with off site watering
  • Stream Habitat Improvement and Management – root wads, LWD, toe logs, vanes
  • Fish Passage – barrier removal
  • Pumping system – installation of new variable speed pumps
  • Irrigation efficiency improvements – replace aluminum mainline with PVC, convert to center pivot irrigation systems.
  • Range planting – cost share on native grass planting
  • Roof runoff structure – gutters, downspouts, piping
  • Spring Development – collection box, collection system, pipe and trough
  • Animal Trails and Walkways
  • Stream Crossing – Bridge, hardened water gap
  • Stream bank and shoreline protection – bank shaping, toe logs, erosion control fabric
  • Channel Stabilization – in-stream structures
  • Watering Facility – off site watering trough, insulated trough
  • Restoration and Management of Declining Habitats – grass plantings, spring restorations for wildlife

For more information please contact the district at (509) 773-5823.

Bank Stabilization
Bank Stabilization
Water trough before improvements
Water trough before improvements.
Same trough after improvements.
Same trough after improvements.